Bag Bezhin

Mural on Fishing Boat Wreck

Location: Kerdruc Port, Névez, France

In collaboration with Anthony Lopez

500 x 200 x 160 cm, 2021

Bag Bezhin is an educational public sculpture that invites both locals and tourists to explore the incredibly diverse marine fauna and flora present on the coasts of Bretagne, France.

The fishing boat that defines the sculpture is a local wreck from the commune of Nevez, capturing the emblematic Breton culture through the harmony between the fisherman and the marine ecosystem. This long fishing tradition holds balance at its core, with the sculpture illustrating the delicate dependence of the fisherman upon both his boat and the ocean.

The marine ecosystem is represented through its seaweed. A variety of different species are painted on either side of the boat, each with a matching description on the boat’s inner walls. Members of the public are invited to participate in the Breton culture by learning how to identify each species, discover their benefits to society through food and medicine, and, in turn, sustainably harvest them.

Installed at the entrance of the Port of Kerdruc, Bag Bezhin combines contemporary art with tradition by bringing to the surface the immense marine biodiversity found on the Brittany coasts. Designed to inform and delight children and adults alike, it highlights our long dependence on the ocean and promotes a continuation of respect for the sea’s gifts through sustainable co-existence.