The Mighty of the Mediterranean

Series: How the Mighty are Falling 

Stainless Steel Structure with Recycled Fishing Nets

Location: Presqu’île du Ponant, La Grande-Motte, France

100m², 2022

Commissioned by the city of La Grande-Motte, France, for a new sculpture park on the Ponant peninsula, The Mighty of the Mediterranean represents 6 shark fin sculptures from species that inhabit the Mediterranean Sea: The mako shark, blue shark, white shark, thresher shark, porbeagle shark and nurse hound shark. Warn and discarded fishing nets were donated by the CESTMed and professional fishermen for the creation of the work. 

In collaboration with LINEUP OCEAN – a company specialised in the preservation of marine biodiversity – organic structures made up of natural fibers are threaded at the base of each sculpture. Installed on the shoreline, these organic structures are completely submerged, allowing the public installation The Mighty of the Mediterranean to thus contribute positively to the local ecosystem by creating nurseries and shelter for fish and crustaceans. 

5% of all the proceeds were donated to APECS, a French association dedicated to the research and protection of sharks and rays in metropolitan French waters.